Easily one of the city’s best night venues, our bar and swimming pool at rooftop is the right combination of fun, seclusion and excitement. A casual atmosphere allows our guests to dive in for a swim, sip cocktails by the poolside and have a laugh with friends while gazing out over stunning views of Danang city. The music, the vibe are chill and the atmosphere, sublime. We look forward to serving you!

Location: 17th Floor
Hours of Operation: 10:00 to 22:00


At The Penzai Heritage Spa, we offer a unique spa experience with therapeutic methods combined with oriental culture and a host of  Asian sounds. This art spa brings to you the finest treatments, with several exclusive various package compatible for everyone. Beside that, you can also experience our fine dining food and beverages. This is a spectacular change of lifestyle and the senses are awakened, the body is soothed and the spirit is renewed.

Location: 4th Floor
Opening time: 14:00 – 22:00


Our restaurant, with capacity up to 150 seats, serves exquisite daily buffet breakfast. The restaurant offers a wide variety of international and local cuisine. At Lunch and Dinner, our award-winning chef and his professional team bring the guests to a real gastronomy journey across the world with thoughtfully prepared dishes. Wine and food pairings would be an additional adventure to guests’ journey.

Location: 3th Floor
Opening time: 6:30 – 10:00


Fitness centre located at 17th floor offers a wide choice of the latest fitness equipment including resistance training, cardiovascular and free weights.

Location: 17th Floor
Opening time: 06h – 22h